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You Never Know Who is Watching You

You Never Know Who is Watching You

You Never Know Who is Watching You

You never know who is watching you, so you want to be careful with the things you do or say. However you always want to remember you remain yourself in the process. I wanted to write this blog because I’ve had several people come up to me and let me know how proud they are and how they’ve been following my entrepreneurship journey. Some people I know personally and some I don’t. I’m often shocked when strangers tell me how long they’ve been following my businesses and watching them grow. I’ve also been told that I am looked at as a business mentor based on my social media and blogs.

All of those compliments are what led me to write this blog. Imagine having someone admire you from afar and one day you post something extremely discouraging. You never know who may be affected by it, you always want to be mindful of what you say and what you do; you never know who is watching you.

You are mentoring people that you don’t even know you’re mentoring. There are people who are inspired by your brand and your motivation without you even knowing. Often times we are not aware that we have such a positive impact on people we don’t know or have ever seen. Prior to reading this post you may have never even though about this. I would like you all to be mindful of the things you do, say, and post because you have an influence on people.

Think about some of the people you admire, it could be music artist, an entrepreneur, a public figure, etc. You may go to there website or social media pages for motivation or inspiration often but imagine if you went to there page to get your daily dose of motivation and they post something total opposite.

Be yourself, but be mindful because you never know who is watching. You never want to be the reason someone becomes discouraged or leave a bad taste in someone mouth.


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