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Confidence In Business Is Everything

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Confidence In Business Is Everything

Confidence in business is everything. Have you ever heard the saying “if you aren’t confident in yourself, why should others be confident in you?” This is the same concept in business. If you aren’t confident in what your business produces, why should others?

Have you ever walked past a kiosk in the mall and there are some people who attempt to get your attention and you begin to walk faster to avoid then, but then there are some people who succeed in stopping you to see there product. Think about why you stop for some people and not for others. As consumers we can tell who is confident and who isn’t. We don’t want to buy for someone who doesn’t seem like they know nor care about what they are selling. We want to buy from people who are confident that their products are the best in the market.

When the business owners and its employees display confidence it makes the consumer feel more inclined to buy. There are a couple of ways to display confidence.

  1. Know your business better than anyone else

No one should be able to tell you things about your business that you don’t know. Sometimes entrepreneurs think they know everything about their business but it takes time to learn your own business. That may seem silly but when you first start there are things that will need changing and you will learn about your own business daily. However this is not what needs to be displayed to current or prospect consumers. If consumers have a question, you should have an answer.

  1. Great posture

This is one of the most common giveaways for displaying lack of confidence. Walking around with your lead down, feet dragging, etc. causes people to assume your not in the best mood. Although sometimes our posture does reflect the way we feel we have to make a conscious effort to straighten up. Look your consumers in the eyes, done be afraid to introduce yourself first, ask them if they need help with anything, etc. This is a great way to engage and show interest in the consumer.

Here is an example of a time where I’ve encountered someone who had a great skill set and the potential to flourish but lacked confidence. There was a young lady who offered a wonderful service that I was interested in. I knew she was able to get the job done because I worked with her previously but on a smaller scale. She did great work from me, but when I hired her the second time I noticed that she was not performing the same way, as she was the first time. I had a talk with her and she told me she stopped working hard because she felt like she wasn’t producing great work. This story goes to show, consumers might now initially know that you lack confidence but once you start to get to know then better they’ll be to. Don’t let lack of confidence have a negative impact on your business.

All in all, you want to display confidence at all times. You want to be sure your consumers are confortable with purchasing from you. Think about when you are in a store and which sales person you’d rather work with. Would you rather work with someone who looks and sounds like they know what they’re talking about or someone who doesn’t?

Be confident! =)

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