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Burnt Out in Business

Burnt Out in Business

Burnt Out in Business

Any of my fellow entrepreneurs will understand how and why you can become burnt out in business. Some of you may be reading this and asking what do you mean by burnt out. Well, burnt out simply means you’ve exhausted yourself so much that you literally have no more energy left in you to press your way through running your business effectively. I am sharing this post to help prevent any aspiring entrepreneurs or current entrepreneurs from getting burnt out in business.

I will share with you a little bit about when I became burnt out in business. When I founded my nonprofit, Endless Dreams Foundation, Inc. I worked day and night on building the business. I barely had a social life because I was extremely into by business because I was passionate about it and wanted it to flourish. I put everything I had into this business for years, nonstop. I truly lived by the phrase “no days off”. A few years later I started Abundant Provisions Consulting and I did the same thing except I managed both businesses with no days off. Not only was I doing that I was a full time undergraduate student during this time, I also obtained my masters during this time, had a full time job, along with writing a book, and few other things. I had no time for much of anything else.

In my mind I was juggling these thing with ease. At the time I didn’t understand that I needed to slow down until one day it felt like all of the energy was sucked out of me. I didn’t feel like working on anything anymore. I stopped working on both businesses for about 1.5 months. It actually felt good to take a break. This is when I realized I needed to set office hours. It is not healthy to work your body as much as I did no matter how passionate you are about something. Our bodies know when we our overworked before we know.

Once I started working again I realized how far behind I was because I took such a long break. I realized though, had I paced myself initially with all things I had going on I wouldn’t have had to taken a break of that magnitude. If you don’t take anything else from my story on being burnt out in business, please take away this…you cannot do everything by yourself. Had I rested, gotten a team, and paced myself I would have never gotten burnt out. I started out ahead and ended up far behind.

Here are 3 easy ways to prevent being burnt out in business:

  1. Rest

Sleep is so important. The average person knows that sleep is important, however an entrepreneur doesn’t always think that way. We think we can run off 4 hours of sleep and we live by the saying “late nights, early mornings”. This sounds great as a tweet of Facebook post but it’s most certainly something that you do not want to follow in real life. Take the time to rest so that you can recuperate daily and have the energy to work the next day and still maintain a social life.

  1. Build a team

We all like to think that we can do everything ourselves. We make ourselves believe no one can do what we need done better than us. Often, we don’t know if this statement is true because we don’t take the time to build a team and train them to do what we need done. Building a team is one of the most important things in a business. Delegating task to your team will allow you to spend majority of your time focusing on things other than the day-to-day task. For example, your team can take care of email blast, social media, etc.

  1. Pace yourself

Your business is not going to go anywhere. It’s not going to get up and walk out of the door so it’s absolutely fine for you to take your time. Pace yourself and do what you can, do not overdue it. Remember, success is a journey not a destination. Also keep in mind, just because your business is growing rapidly doesn’t mean it will have longevity. So, make sure you are focusing on building a sustainable business versus a get rich quick business.

  1. Set a schedule

Setting a schedule can go a long way. Set office hours and times that you are going to work on your business instead of being working around the clock. You also want to set a time for personal things so that you don’t lose sight of your social life, school, work, family, etc.

I hope this post has made an impact on you all. Remember entrepreneurship is not a race. Enjoy the moments of building your business but don’t forget to live your life.


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