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6 Things Your Website Must Have

6 Things Your Website Must Have

6 Things Your Website Must Have

There are several factors that make your website great, but two questions you should ask yourself is; is it user friendly and does it have the potential to generate revenue? Below are the 6 things your website must have:

  1. Call to Actions (CTA)

A call to action is something on your site that requires visitors to do something. For example, an email sign up, buttons that say “click here for more information”, etc. All of those examples lead to your audience performing some type of action. This makes your site interactive and it is also a way to capture email addresses of your visitors to keep in contact with them via email marketing.

  1. E-blast Sign-up

Although you want to have CTA’s on your site you specifically want to make sure you have an e-blast sign up. The key to capturing email addresses on your site is to give viewers an incentive for entering their information. Offer something for free. For example, receive a free business guide for signing up for our e-blast. E-blast has the potential to bring a ton of revenue to your business. The more consistent you are (without spamming) and the more value your email content brings the more changes you have of obtaining clients.

  1. Company Information (About page)

It is extremely important to have your company’s information on the site. You want to make sure you have enough information for viewers to know what the business does, what you all offer, who founded it, what the target market is, etc. It is also important to remember it is better to have substance than length. Do not overload viewers with information that is not needed just to take up space on a page.

  1. Testimonials

Testimonials serve as reviews in a sense. You always want to make sure you post the testimonials from your clients/customers on your website. Be sure to make the testimonials visible so it’s one of the first things viewers see when visiting your site. You want people to know that you are impacting and making a difference in the lives of the people you are serving.

  1. Social Media Share Button

Everyone is on social media and we all share things daily, so why not share your business too. For those who have blog on their sites it is extremely important that you provide the option to share the post, this will broaden your reach. Often, someone will go to your website and see something that someone else may benefit from so they share that specific page versus sharing the main site link.

  1. Contact Page

A contact page with your contact information and a contact form is imperative. Have you ever gone to a website and found that it was difficult to find the contact information to the person you needed to reach? You do not want this to be you. You want to make sure your viewers have multiple ways of contacting you; through email, phone, and social media. Be accessible!

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