6 Month Nonprofit Track Description

Are you ready to start your non-profit and do not know where to start? Or did you start your non-profit on rocky ground and need some assistance stabilizing? Our six-month non-profit coaching track meets the need of either entrepreneur. By the end of this 6-month nonprofit coaching program you will have all of the essentials needed to start and/or run a successful non-profit. In addition to the knowledge gained, you will have the opportunity to implement the lessons learned by: drafting a business plan, submitting 501c3 paperwork, drafting policies and procedures, forming a board of directions, and drafting sponsor and donate packages.

6 Month For-profit Track Description

Are you ready to start a for profit business or need assistance enhancing the success of an existing business? Then, this package may suite you the best. During this six month period, you will be equipped with all the knowledge and materials needed to start-up and run a successful business. This knowledge base includes but is not limited to: where to access free resources, writing a business plan, creating prices for services, building an online presence, and how to legitimize a business. And to top it off, as a premier client of Abundant Provisions Consulting, you will have unlimited access to our most prestigious business coaches to answer all questions needed to help you through the process.

You will be billed $397.00 USD monthly, beginning today for the next 6 months 

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